Branstad Pardons Pig But Not Dying Cancer Patient

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Still no word or leadership from Governor Branstad on pardoning Benton Mackenzie, a dying cancer patient who was convicted for using medical marijuana and a prison sentence will equal a death sentence.  We are receiving reports that they are trying to say they cannot pardon until after the sentence which is true, but they can announce a pardon before sentencing.

On Monday I was on Jan Mickelson WHO 1040 to discuss the issue during the first hour and Dr. Lee Hieb has said she would pardon Benton.

We do have a nice video of Governor Branstad pardoning a pig, but as the Des Moines Register reports even those pig pardons from the Governor don’t mean much.  To be fair, Governor Branstad did pardon another man last year. A man convicted of first-degree murder. Benton Mackenzie’s crimes had no victim, but still no pardon.

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