Zaun Still A Republican, How Would Young Be Better Than Appel

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Despite rumors that Republican State Senator and former third Congressional District candidate Brad Zaun was going to switch his voter registration to No Party or a third party, Brad Zaun is staying in the GOP.

Of course, many were encouraging Brad Zaun to run to have a libertarian leaning candidate to vote for.  The choice between Democrat Staci Appel and Republican David Young appears to be difficult for many people to make. When David Young was on IPTV, one could have easily confused him as being a Democrat. For example, Young spoke about fixing Obamacare, strengthening entitlement programs, subsidies to big energy, and raising the minimum wage which would hurt small business.

Fortunately, Ed Wright has stepped up to give voters in the Third Congressional District an actual vote for small government because Staci Appel and David Young are not providing an option for voting for smaller government.

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